Ways Kids Can Make Money Online 

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Looking to make some extra money?

Here are three easy ways kids can make money online.

1. Sell Unwanted Stuff

Do you have unwanted toys and clothes piled up in the darkest shelf of your closet or the saddest corner of your attic?

That’s when you have an idea. “Let’s sell it online”, so hop online and start to set up to sell the old stuff they don’t use. 

For someone to buy some of your old stuff, then boom you sold your old stuff online. If you sell you outgrow things online, you can get newer things with the money you make off of selling your old items online.

Plus, it’s an excellent way to save for future wants and needs. So it’s good to get rid of your old stuff, so someone else can enjoy your old stuff that you don’t need or need anymore. You can also save for things you need like new clothes and new shoes plus you can’t wear old clothes if they don’t fit you anymore so sell your old stuff for the new things you need.

2. Online Youtube Channel

Kids can always start a youtube channel because you get paid for every like . so you get paid to make videos; some kids make millions just by videos. So you make no money in the beginning, but you will start to have more subscribers. People will go to your channel if it’s hilarious or you start getting out in the youtube community, so the more you get out there, you will get more people then make more money from youtube.

So if you get a lot of people on your youtube channel, you can also get a youtube plack; if you hit a bunch of followers, you make more money on youtube. YouTubers make a lot of money off youtube videos that are a little weird, but if youtube pays you to make a video. It is an excellent way to make some money.   

3. How To Sell Homemade Crafts Online

For many kids making crafts is a hobby. But you can make money by selling your crafts online. If kids like selling their works online, kids can always make it a full-time job if it starts making money. What kids and people buy most is art, pottery jewelry photography, and candles; these are some things that sell the best online.

Homemade crafts are then selling them online; that’s a fast way to make money faster than waiting for kids fairs every year and fill the house with all your crafts to sell your crafts online if you want to make a quick dollar or so. Selling crafts is an excellent way to make money online because people will pay to have crafts.

How To Make By Taking Photos

Kids can even make money by taking pics. So people will pay to get pics for blogs, books, lots of things. That’s an outstanding job because you can make a lot of money. So you can find cool sunsets, and someone will pay you for that picture. So that goes to show you can make money online.

So if you get perfect pics, people will pay for pics, so they don’t have to take the pics for themselves. So photography is a good job, and it can make a lot of money.

So you can’t use that money to buy new cameras or better picture supplies that you need to take perfect photos. So you can make more money from your picture business. A lot of kids take pictures for fun, but some kids take pictures of the moon for blogs and books. So if you want to earn a little money online, you can become a  photo expert to make a little money for the future.

–  Mini Geek   

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